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Waterproof Digital Micrometer,

Waterproof Digital Micrometer,

Price: ₹00

Brand: Dasqua

0-25mm/0-1" Dasqua IP65 Waterproof Digital Micrometer,

Model Name/Number: 4410-1105

    1. Easy reading with 34x12mm huge screen, 8mm large display font
    2. Dual chip outputs provide more stable measuring function with stronger capability
    3. Hardened and ground spindle to ensuring stable accuracy;
      Precision ground stainless steel spindle, which ground twice, ensures the accuracy and smooth movement (Pitch error 1μ less than before, and reaches world-class standard),while the others’ spindle carbon steel, which will lead to lose accuracy easily.
    4. Special carbide anvil to ensure durability;

    1. DASQUA’s measuring anvil is new special carbide, not easily wear off and anti-rust, which will ensure accuracy,while the others are easy-wear off and rusty carbide tip, and lose accuracy
    2. With ratchet stop for constant force (5-8N, 20% higher than normal);
      When tightening the micrometer, the ratchet effectively stops overwhelming forces that may cause damage to the spindle to protect your high-precision device more carefully;
    3. Most updated ergonomically designed structure;
    4. Ratchet socket wrench with extra length allows one-hand operation;
    5. UV coat surface provides strong abrasion resistance
    6. With large easy-to-read LCD screenStrictly made in accordance with DIN863
      Spindle hardened, ground and lapped for ultimate accuracy
      With spindle lock
      With Absolute, Inch-Metric Conversion and Zero-Set function
      IP65 protection against liquid
      Stainless steel newly adapted on spindle
      Carbide measuring surfaces ground for longer service life