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Wall thickness measurement gauges MiniTest

Wall thickness measurement gauges MiniTest

Price: ₹00

Brand: ElektroPhysik

MiniTest 400

Robust and precise ultrasound thickness measurement gauge based on the ultrasonic pulse run-time method. Six ultrasonic test probes with frequencies ranging from 2 to 10 MHz in different designs to provide a broad spectrum of applications and thickness measurements ranging from 0.65mm to 500mm. The high temperature ultrasonic test probe enables measurement on materials heated up to 350°C.

Product infomation

MiniTest 400: Ultrasonic thickness measuring gauge in 3 variants

The MiniTest 400 is available in three variants:

MiniTest 420 – the sturdy entry-level model with the most important basic functions

MiniTest 430 – with an extended range of functions and a USB interface

MiniTest 440 – the high-end device that can also take measurements by penetrating coatings

The intelligent ultrasonic test probes are recognised automatically by the device. Recalibration is therefore unnecessary when switching probes.

You can scan an item continually for thin areas in minimum mode.

MiniTest 420

Sturdy and economically priced basic model with memory, USB interface and automatic probe-calibration detection. Standard and minimum measurement modes are available.