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Coating thickness measurement SurfaTest

Coating thickness measurement SurfaTest

Price: ₹00

Brand: ElektroPhysik


SurfaTest is our wet film coating thickness gauge made of stainless steel with an embossed scale. SurfaTest is ideally suited for the quick and easy measurement of the coating thickness of freshly applied, wet lacquer coatings.

Product infomation

SurfaTest – The measuring comb for wet lacquer coatings

Measuring wet lacquer coatings is easy with the SurfaTest: immediately after the application of lacquer, set it on the wet lacquer and press both of the outer teeth of the measuring comb down to the substrate. You can then read the thickness of the lacquer coating at 16 measuring points: the wet film thickness is shown between the last tooth wet with lacquer and the first dry tooth without lacquer. After use, you can quickly clean the measuring comb with an appropriate solvent.

  • Quick wet film measurement
  • Battery-less operation
  • Stainless steel measuring comb
  • Embossed scale