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Coating thickness measurement Paint Borer

Coating thickness measurement Paint Borer

Price: ₹00

Brand: ElektroPhysik

Paint Borer

For the universal and precise thickness measurement of any organic coating on base materials, e.g. paint and lacquer on wood, metal, synthetic materials, etc.:

Measurement of unidentified coating materials

Measurement on all coatable base materials (wood, synthetic material, metal, etc.)

Measurement of single or multi-layer coatings

Integrated microscope with precision vernier


Universal and precise measurement of organic single and multilayer coatings

Performance features

measurement of unknown layer materials

measurement on any substrate with bearing capacity (wood, plastics, metal, etc.)

measurement of single layer and multilayer coatings possible

integrated microscope with precision vernier

Weight850 g
Dimensions145 x 55 x 110 mm
Min. dimensions of sample without specimen table 150 x 25 mm
With specimen table 10 x 6 mm
Battery6 F 22 (6 LR 61)