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Coating thickness gauge MiniTest 7400

Coating thickness gauge MiniTest 7400

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Brand: ElektroPhysik

MiniTest 7400

A high-end device for coating thickness measurement from ElektroPhysik. The MiniTest 7400 can take a diverse range of measurements and always gives you readings of the highest precision. The following features combine to make the MiniTest 7400 an unbeatable tool:

Wide range of external, interchangeable sensors for use in every situation

Graphic display with simplified user guide to instantly show statistical values, trend diagrams and histograms

Technologically advanced and unique in terms of precision and reproducibility thanks to SIDSP sensors

Product infomation

State of the art for coating thickness measurement

The coating thickness gauge MiniTest 7400 is an indispensable tool for measuring non-magnetic coatings (paint, synthetic material, chrome, etc.) on ferromagnetic substrates (steel), or insulating coatings (lacquer, enamel, synthetic material, etc.) on conductive substrates (aluminium, copper, stainless steel, etc.).

The MiniTest 7400 enables a wide range of measurements, from the thinnest coatings in the sub-micrometre range (e.g. galvanised coatings), to thick coatings (e.g. flame retardant coatings in steel constructions, rubber coatings, etc.). Measuring objects with difficult geometries (e.g. the measurement of steel pins, or in recesses and holes, etc.) are also no problem for the MiniTest 7400.

SIDSP sensors feature high levels of accuracy and are also extremely durable, easily withstanding years of use even on rough surfaces. Each sensor…

is subject to fully automated testing under workshop conditions,

is equipped with 50 calibration points to correct even the smallest deviation,

undergoes a climate cycle during production enabling it to automatically compensate for the influence of temperatures.

Ease of use is a further feature: The coating thickness gauge MiniTest 7400 is controlled via a graphic display and provides common PC functions: context-specific help, saving of readings in a folder structure, navigating via menus displaying symbols and text. The user guide is currently available in 6 languages (German/English/French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese).

No. of measurement series500
Measurement memory250.000 readings
Statistical functionsNumber of readings · Minimum · Maximum · Mean value · Standard deviation · Coefficient of variation · Block statistics (Standard or free configurable) · Cp · Cpk · Histogram · Trend diagram
Calibration1-point calibration (Zero)
2-point calibration
multi point calibration with up to 5 points
Additional calibration procedures according to international standardsISO 19840:2004(E)
SS 184160
AS 3894.3
Limit monitoringOptical and acoustical signaling
Measurement unitsmetric: µm · mm · cm
imperial: mils · inch · thou
Data interfaceUSB (via adaptor)
IrDA® (Infrared)
RS-232 (via adaptor)
PrinterStandard ASCII printer
Wireless ElektroPhysik printer
International standardsDIN EN ISO 1461 · DIN EN ISO 2064 · DIN EN ISO 2178 · DIN EN ISO 2360 · DIN EN ISO 2808 · DIN EN ISO 3882 · ISO 19840 · ASTM B 244 · ASTM B 499 · ASTM D 7091 · ASTM E 376 · AS 3894.3 · SS 184160 · SSPC-PA 2 · IMO-PSPC
Displaygraphics display, adjustable lighting
Power supply4 x batteries AA / LR 06 / Mignon
Mains adaptor 90 - 240V / 48 - 62 Hz
Operating temperature range-10 °C ... +60 °C / 14 °F ... 140 °F
Storage temperature range-20 °C ... +70 °C / -4 °F ... 158 °F
Dimensions153 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm
4.84" x 3.5" x 1.26"
Weight310 g / 10.93 oz (incl. batteries)