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Coating Thickness Gauges MiniTest 700

Coating Thickness Gauges MiniTest 700

Price: ₹00

Brand: ElektroPhysik

MiniTest 725-735-745

Devices in the MiniTest 700 series are our best sellers – and for good reason: they have diverse applications and deliver precise readings, all at unbeatable value for money.

Overview of benefits:

Digital processing of readings by the sensor for quick results

Durable sensors for a long service life

Diverse range of applications for measuring coating thickness up to 35mm

Graphic menus and guide texts in 20 languages – ideal for use in a multi-national team

Product infomation

Precision measuring instrument in 3 variants according to requirements

The coating thickness gauge MiniTest 700 is available in 3 different models:

MiniTest 725: The basic version with integrated sensor, a compact design and inexpensive.

MiniTest 735: The standard version with the external sensor connected to the device by a cable to make measurement easy.

MiniTest 745: The flexible version with interchangeable sensors that can be connected to the device either by cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth for greater freedom when measuring coating thickness.

All three versions in the MiniTest 700 series enable the non-destructive measurement of coating thickness for non-magnetic coatings (paint, synthetic material, chrome and other electro-plated, non-magnetic coatings, etc.) on ferromagnetic substrates (steel/iron), and insulating coatings (lacquer, enamel, synthetic material, anodised aluminium, etc.) on conductive substrates (aluminium, copper, titanium, austenitic stainless steel).

In addition, all devices are capable of two different measurement methods:

Single mode: up to 70 readings per minute can be recorded and saved.

Continuous mode: up to 20 coating thickness values per second are recorded. This allows you, for example, to identify thinnest and thickest points and the saving of readings in a measurement series.

Sensor embodimentMiniTest 725 fixed internal, non-changeable
MiniTest 735 external, connected via cable
MiniTest 745 internal / external changeable
No. of measurement series

MiniTest 725 10
MiniTest 735 10
MiniTest 745 100

Measurement memory

MiniTest 725 10.000
MiniTest 735 10.000
MiniTest 745 100.000

Statistical functionsNumber of readings · Minimum · Maximum · Mean value · Standard deviation · Coefficient of variation · Single value statistics ·Block statistics (Standard or free configurable)
CalibrationFactory calibration · 1-pont calibration (Zero) · 2-point, 3-point calibration · Special calibration method for rough substrates · Adjustable offset
Additional calibration procedures according to international standardsISO 19840:2004(E)
SS 184160
AS 3894.3
Limit monitoringOptical and acoustical signaling
Measurement unitsmetric: µm · mm · cm
imperial: mils · inch · thou
Data interfaceBluetooth® 4.0
Bluetooth Smart®
PrinterStandard ASCII-printer
ElektroPhysik Bluetooth-printer
International standardsDIN EN ISO 1461 · DIN EN ISO 2064 · DIN EN ISO 2178 · DIN EN ISO 2360 · DIN EN ISO 2808 · DIN EN ISO 3882 · ISO 19840 · ASTM B 244 · ASTM B 499 · ASTM D 7091 · ASTM E 376 · AS 3894.3 · SS 184160 · SSPC-PA 2
Displaygraphics display, adjustable lighting
Power supply2 batteries AA / LR-06 / Mignon
or rechargeable NiMH cells AA / HR6
Operating temperature range-10 °C ... +60 °C / 14 °F ... 140 °F
Storage temperature range-20 °C ... +70 °C / -4 °F ... 158 °F
Dimensions157 mm x 75,5 mm x 49 mm
6.18" x 2.97" x 1.93"

MiniTest 725 approx. 175 g / 6.2 oz
MiniTest 735 approx. 210 g / 7.4 oz
MiniTest 745 approx. 175 g / 6.2 oz