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Dial Thickness Gauge

Dial Thickness Gauge

Price: ₹3400

Brand: Teclock Measuring Instruments

Dial Indicator is used by being fitted to jig etc., while thickness gauge is held with our hand. Holding work piece between stylus and anvil, read the value directly. Contact point moves to upward when lifting lever is pressed down, and contact point returns to “zero” when it is released. As operation is easy, it can measure for a short period compared with micrometer. There are 2 kinds of Dial 0.01mm , 0.001mm for both analog and digital. The stroke depends on size of work piece and a model is available to measure maximum thickness up to 50mm. This can be used for various thickness measurement such as paper, hair, rubber plate metal tube small molded components.

Suitable for measuring thickness and diameter of metal, lens, rubber,

plastic, paper, felt, hair, pearl etc. in actual dimension.

• Ceramic contact point and anvil feature are superior for

anti-abrasion and rust. In addition, there are steel FE type and AT

type which rarely adheres with adhesion tape.

• As to shape of contact point and anvil, there are standard type and

other various kinds.

• Measuring force of standard type is not more than 2.5N as final

pressure, low measuring force type of which final pressure is about

0.4N (about 40gf) is also available.

Specifications SM-112 Series
ModelGraduation (mm)Measuring Range (mm)Accuracy (µm)Parallelism (µm)Dial ReadingMeasuring Force (N)Contact Point Form (mm)Anvil Form (mm)Weight (g)
SM-1120.0110±1550-50-1002.5 or lessφ 10 Flatφ 10 Flat150
SM-112LS0.0110±150-50-1002.5 or lessφ 3.2 Ballφ 10 Flat150
SM-112LW0.0110±150-50-1002.5 or lessφ 3.2 Ballφ 3.2 Ball150
SM-112-3A0.0110±1550-50-1002.5 or lessφ 5 Flatφ 5 Flat150
SM-112-80g0.0110±1550-50-100Stop Point Measuring Forced 0.8±0.05φ 10 Flatφ 10 Flat150
SM-112P0.0110±1550-0.5-12.5 or lessφ 10 Flatφ 10 Flat150
SM-112FE0.0110±1550-50-1002.5 or lessφ 10 Flatφ 10 Flat150
SM-112AT0.0110±1580-50-1000.8 or lessφ 10 Flatφ 10 Flat150
SM-112D0.0110±1550-50-1002.5 or lessφ 10 Flatφ 10 Flat155
LS, LW, 3A For more information please refer to P26.