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Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator

Price: ₹00

Brand: Teclock Measuring Instruments

Teclock Measuring Instruments
Dial Indicator is surely utilized at manufacturing sites where dimensional high accuracy is needed to be confirmed. The graduation (1- graduation )
depends on usage and Teclock offers 6 kinds of graduations, namely 0.0005mm, 0.001mm, 0.005mm, 0.01mm, 0.05mm and 0.1mm. The strokes
are available from 0.08mm (the shortest) up to 150mm. Dial Indicator is normally not used independent but its stem or lug back is fixed to a jig
and holds work piece with the measuring stand and contact point, and displacement volume is read with short hand and pointer. The dial indicator
is applied for direct measurement to measure actual dimension and comparative measurement for measuring displacement volume from a certain
standard dimension.
(Popular Type)
Graduation 0.001mm
Measuring Range 1mm

• Standard type dial indicators of graduation 0.001mm and bezel

diameter 56mm.

• Durability is pursued by protecting mechanical parts like gears with

shock absorbing mechanism (Teclock unique shock proof mechanism).

• Jeweled bearing is applied for improving durability.

• Stable repeatability accuracy is realized with lever enlargement

mechanism built–in.

• Tolerance hand is provided as standard accessory for all models for

positive tolerance setting.

• Lifting lever (Option) can be mounted . (Refer to page 25)

• Bezel clamp (Option) can be mounted (except for TM-1201PW).

• Measuring ability can be changed .

• In case that flat back is required, add suffix “f” to the end of model

number (example =TM-1201f).

Specificationsunit mm
Measuring Range
Free Stroke
Indication Error µm
Standard Contact Point
Measuring Force N
Adjacent Error1/2 Revolution1 Revolution2 RevolutionTotal Range
TM-12010.0011 30.52.5±3±4±4±53ZS-0171.5 or less170
TM-1201PW0.0011 30.52.5±3±4±4±53ZS-0281.5 or less180
TM-12510.0011 30.82.5±3±4±4±53ZS-0171.5 or less170
TM-12020.0012 20.54±5±6±6±73ZS-0171.5 or less170
TM-12050.0015 −15±6±7±8±104ZS-0171.5 or less170
*In case flat back is required, please add suffix “f” to the end of model number. (example=TM-1201f)