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FSA series

FSA series

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Brand: IMADA- Japan

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IMADA FSA series is force-displacement measurement unit. This unit allows accurate force-displacement measurement and analysis with force-displacement graphing software. It is ideal for force-displacement measurements such as material characteristic evaluation and tactile testing.


  • Simple operation and easy setup for force-displacement measurements and analysis such as material characteristic evaluation and tactile testing
  • High sampling rate (2000Hz) for accurate results, capturing small changes and accurate peak values by following rapid changes of force
  • Allows complex measurement analysis using supplied force-displacement graphing software, capturing small changes with high sampling rate (2000Hz)
  • Assists force-displacement measurements by zero reset of displacement values at chosen load values
  • Handles a wide range of testing applications such as tension, compress and peeling testing with various model to meet your requirements and optional attachments

[Specifications (General)]

FSA series

Measurement Unit


N, kgf, lbf


mm, inch



4 digits

(e.g. Resolution of 5N force gauge is 0.001N)


0.001mm (on software Force Recorder Professional) 0.01mm (on force gauge display)



+/- 0.2%F.S. +/-1 digit


+/- 0.1mm +/- 1digit( with no load)(*1)

Sampling cycle

2000 data/sec

Display update cycle

16 data/sec

Various function of force gauge

Customized display (header and footer), Peak hold (tension and compression), Internal 1000

points data memory, Comparator (judgment of OK or NG), Reversible display, Sign inversion, Zero clear timer, +NG alarm, Off timer (auto power off), Dumping, Time display, 1st/2nd peak, Displacement detection at force peak value,

Displacement zero reset at selected force, setting lock

Output function

USB,Serial(RS232C),Analog(Approx. +/- 2V),

Comparator, Over load,Sub comparator, USB flash drive (*2)

Motorized Stand Function

Stroke limit, Overload Prevention, Force control*3Emergency Stop

Motorized Test Stand Power

AC100V-240V Free input (*3)

Operating Environment

Temperature:0 - 40°C Humidity:20 -80%RH


Instruction Manual, Inspection Certificate, Warranty Certificate, Power cable, Spare hues, USB cable, Driver CD-ROM(including software for data log “Force Logger”), Graphing software “Force

Recorder Professional."

*1 When maximum force is applied, the stand may be deformed vertically as below.

FSA-0.5 to 5K2: less than 0.5mm, FSA-0.5/1KE: less than 0.25mm, FSA-0.5/2.5HK2 : less than 0.5mm

*2 USB flash drive is not included.

*3 The value of Force control is specified with the absolute value.

*4 Power supply units are required individually for Motorized Test Stand and the Force gauge.