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EMX series

EMX series

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Brand: IMADA- Japan

 Lo-Mid Force  | Hi Rigidity |  Wide Speed | Range  Ext I/O |  Contact Detection |  Easy Setting |  Digital Speed Ctrl  | Multi Function | Displacement OPT

Advanced motorized test stand has capacity of 1000N and is equipped with the highest functions. Wide range of measuring speed (0.5 to 600m/min) and travel setting are available for more diverse and various measurement. High rigidity enables precise measurement. Equipped with a contact point detection function and a function to memorize up to 5 measurement conditions, which greatly improves measurement efficiency.


  • Achieves high repeatability with constant testing speed and angle, high rigidity (Max 0.25mm)
  • Handles various testing such as durability or compression testing with wide range speed (0.5~600mm/min), setting of testing cycles and travel distance, and timer function (pausing time)
  • Handles a wide range of testing applications to meet your requirements with options such as -FA (inner linear scale) and -L (long stroke)
  • Enhances testing efficiency and safety with I/O for external signals, allowing for communication for interlock and starting operation, etc.
  • Enhances testing efficiency with useful functions, including automatically detects contact point, operating pattern memory (up to 5 patterns) and automatic speed change at a set force value *Requires certain models of force gauge and optional cable.









Digital 0.5 to 600mm/min [0.5 - 20mm/min: by 0.5mm/min] [20 - 100mm/min: by 5mm/min] [100 - 600mm/min: by 10mm/min]

Max. Sample Height *1




[Standard models] less than 0.25

[Long stroke (optional)] less than 0.6

Stroke Limit

Controllable with upper and lower knob

Digital length limit (travel distance)

Measuring Modes

Manual / Jog / Cycle mode


Counter (number of tests to repeat): Max. 65535 times Timer (pausing time): Up to 99 min 59 sec 9 (by 0.1 sec) Length limit (travel distance): by 0.1mm

Storing operating patterns: up to 5 patterns CONTACT DETECTION (*2*3), BREAK DETECTION (*2*3)

Easy Setup (simple operating mode selection) Copy (operating condition duplication)

Menu lock (menu protection lock)


Emergency stop, force control (*4), overload prevention (*4, *5), external signal input

Operating temperature humidity

0 to +40 degree Celsius

35 to 70% (avoid condensation)


AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz

(Select from 100, 120 and 230V. Accessories are provided accordingly.)

Power Consumption



See [Dimensions]


Approx. 19kg

Approx. 24kg


Operating manual, power cable, spare fuse, tools, GF-1 (Grip mounting adaptor)

Anti-tip fixture (only for -L option)

Operating manual, power cable, spare fuse, tools, GF-2 (Grip mounting adaptor)

Anti-tip fixture (only for -L option)

Available Options *6

-L: Extended stroke by 300mm

-FA: Inbuilt liner scale

Mountable Force Gauges


Mechanical Force Gauge: FB, PS, PSM series

Digital Force Gauge: DST, DSV, ZTS, ZTA series (up to 1000N) Load cell: DPU series (up to 500N *7)

Mechanical Force Gauge: PSH series Digital Force Gauge: ZTS, ZTA series (over 2500N)

Load cell: DPU series (1000 to 5000N *8)

*1 Max. sample height refers to the distance between the table and the tip of force gauge measuring shaft when the head is at the top. (With up to 1000N model of ZTS/ZTA series)

*2 Force gauge ZTA series and optional cable CB-528 are required.

*3 CONTACT DETECTION and BREAK DETECTION are not able to be used together.

*4 Force gauge ZTS/ZTA series and optional cable CB-528 are required.

*5 It does not guarantee complete protection against overloading.

*6 Add the option code after the model name to complete the model with options. e.g., When adding long stroke option to EMX-1000N … Model: EMX-1000N-L

*7 Ensure to use within the capacity of force gauge and test stand regardless of the mountable models.

*8 Mounting block (sold separately) is required to mount 1000N to 5000N range of DPU series.