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PSH Series

PSH Series

Price: ₹68000/- 70000/-

Brand: IMADA-Japan

No Ext Power | Robust | Hi Precision | Hi Force
High-capacity type mechanical force gauge has capacity of 3000N. They support compression and tension, and equipped with a stop needle mechanism that stops the needle at the peak value.

  • Easy handling with less risk of malfunctions or glitches caused by external circumstances such as noise or static electricity due to the rugged mechanical construction
  • High precision and capacity model which is ideal for precise test
  • Measures both compression and tension force
  • Captures peak value easily using switchable peak hold function
  • Assists accurate measurement with tare ring to adjust zero
  • Specifications



    PSH (International model) *1



    Measuring units

    See [Model lists]

    Reading method

    Real time/Peak hold (switchable)

    Scales *2

    100 lines


    ±0.1%F. S or less

    Operating environment



    See [Dimension]

    Weight *3

    Approx. 3.1kg

    Standard accessories

    6 pcs of attachments, Handles*2, Instruction manual,

    Mounting bolts *4, Carry case, Inspection certificate etc.

    * It is not suitable for breaking test with large impact or test with continues vibration due to its spring structures.

    *1 International models are not able to sell in Japan due to the Measurement Act.

    *2 120 lines for 3000N, 300K, 300lb.

    *3 The weight is depending on the range.