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Rubber Hardness Tester (Type 3)



Made By : Trusize

Made In : Indian

Model No. : Shore-A


Rubber Hardness Tester (Durometer) Shore-A & D, Type 03
Trusize manufactures a wide variety of Durometers (Rubber Hardness Tester) for checking hardness of polymers, composites, synthetic rubber products, acrylics, acetates, polymers, thermoplastics, PVC, hardboards, wood, fruits and many other non standard materials

Range : 0-100 shore,  Shore-A
(For soft Rubber & Plastic)
Range : 0-100 Shore, Shore –C
(For Testing winding density of textile cones, Bobbins, Quills, and packages)
Range : 0-100 Shore, Shore- D
(For Hard Rubber,  Plastics, Ebonite, Graphite, & Backlight)
Packing - Wooden box with Test Pc


Warrantee – One year against all manufacturing defects only.