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Digital Force Gauge (ZTA/ZTS)



Made By : Imada

Made In : Japan

Model No. : ZTA / ZTS


High Capacity  Model Digital Force Gauge

This is high capacity model Digital Force Gauges available in capacity from 2500 N (250 Kgf) up to 5000N (500Kgf). Their high sampling rate (2000 Hz) provided accureate reslts for even quick ovement testing. It is easy to handle due to  clear and bright organic EL displays and graphical dispaly. For more sophisticated analysis, you can use  optional software, providing real time data transferring (2000 data/sec) to PC and praphing smoothly. ZTA series can input/ output displacement when they are combined with test stand having linear scales which is ideal for force-displacement analysis.


Application :

  • Strength test for various materials (tension test, compression test, shearing test etc.)
  • Measuring of attraction / repulsion force of solenoid or magnet.
  • Adhesion test of laminated tubes.
Model Model
Range Display Resolution
ZTA-2500 ZTS-2500 2500N (250 Kgf) 2500N/2.500KN (250.0Kgf) 1N/0.001kN (0.1Kgf)
ZTA-5000 ZTS-5000 5000N (500 Kgf) 5000N/5.000KN (500.0 Kgf) 1N/0.001kN (0.1 Kgf)