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Beam Type Torque Wrench



Made By : Tohnichi Japan

Made In : Japan

Model No. : SF Series


Tohnichi Mfg. Co. Ltd. - Japan

Beam Type Torque Wrench, Tohnichi (Japan) make 

Features : 

  • Direct reading torque wrench with scale plate
  • For measuring and tightening applications
  • Basic model of the torque wrench.
  • Simple flat beam and direct reading type.
  • Light weight, easy-to-read scale and suitable for inspection.
  • Graduated in clockwise and counterclockwise, and available for retightening and loosening torque inspection methods.
  • Since the unique tapered beam keeps internal stress constant and does not generate any friction, the wrench is durable.
  • The flex handle helps to reduce the possibility of the operator's hand slipping.
  • Memory pointer is available for F23N-280N.