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Dial Indicating Torque Screw Driver



Made By : Tohnichi Japan

Made In : Japan

Model No. : FTD Series


Tohnichi Mfg. Co. Ltd. - Japan
Dial Indicating Torque Screw Driver with Memory Pointer,  Tohnichi (Japan) make
Features : 
  • Ideal for measuring torque
  • FTD-S with memory pointer, FTD with  preset knob.
  • Basic model of direct reading type torque driver.
  • Suitable for inspecting tightened screws.
  • Used for inspection by loosening torque and retightening torque methods.
  • Memory pointer shows the maximum torque applied.
  • T-bar is standard accessory for FTD8N2-S and 16N2-S.



FTD8N2-S, FTD16N@-S:Square drive type ( 6.35mm).


Standard Accessories

Auxiliary tightening bar ( for FTD8N2-s and FTD16N2-s only )