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Made By : Kanetec

Made In : Japan

Model No. : TM-801


TESLA METER (Gauss Meter), Model : TM-801, Kanetec (Japan) make 


  • Measurement of residual magnetism in machined parts, in stamped parts and in demagnetized parts.
  • Measurement of magnetic flux in magnets and magnetism applied products.
  • Measurement of magnetic flux of motors.
  • Measurement of properties of magnetic materials.

Features :- 
Model TM-801
Ditecting Contents DC magnetic flux density AC magnetic flux density
Polarities (N. S.) (40~500 Hz)

Indication Range 0-3000.0 MT

Function Zero Reset Polarity indication
Max. detect value hold Auto power off (can be cancelled)

Output USB communication port/ output (Analog)

Mode Detection Value - Polarity Numerical Value (Digital) Alphabets

Operating Temp. 0 ~ 40 deg. C

Dimensions Height 140 x Width 64 x Thickness 30

Mass Approx. 250 g(including battery & Probe)