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Titanium Type Adjustable Torque Wrench



Made By : Tohnichi

Made In : Japan

Model No. : TiQL / TiQLE


Titanium Type Adjustable Torque Wrench, Tohnichi-Japan  

Features : 

  • PQL model made from Titanium material.
  • Weight is 50% lighter compared with the conventional type.
  • Suitable for large bolts and the tightening operation where working conditions are difficult.
  • When torque is set, it can not be changed except by using a hex key. Worker can not easily change torque setting.
  • Suitable for single purpose bolt tightening as preset type with graduation.
  • A click will signal that the proper amount of torque has been applied.
  • The ratchet head features 24 teeth accurately ground to provide durability and creates movement at 15 degree intervals which allows for gear ease of tightening in confined spaces.
  • Easy torque setting by graduation.
  • With rubber grip for 180N, 360N.